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For the Adopt Purge
All these guys need homes! :)
Pacapillar Sketches
Above is an example of my headshot sketches that I do!
Rare Hedgy Floatpom Payment
Cute rare Hedgehog like Floaties!
Baby Ameeb Batch 2
Cute little floaty jello beings! :)
Regular Batch Floaties Payment
All these regular batch floaties are 70:points: each!
Baby Ameeb Payment


Adoption Policy/TOS

:bulletred:VernFeather's Adoption/Commission Policy/Term of Service:bulletred:

Requests, commissions - closed closed by Angi-Shy

Disabled Artists by Blues-Eyes

These are things you need to know when adopting/commissioning from me:

-When an adoptable is purchased from me I will only hold on to it for one day(24hours from initial holding request date). If payment isn't sent for the adoptable within that time span then the adoptable will go back up for sale

-Please don't send any points/money until I prompt you to do so. With all the scams and such I don't want anyone to lose money. Also with points I don't really use them except for conversion, so I will put up a widget. Until you see a widget don't send any points. Thanks.

-You can make color changes and theme changes. You can also make design changes, but only with common and uncommon traits. When you do changes please show me the changes, so I am aware of them

-You can resell them at the price PAID. Due to things recently being brought to my attention this is a new rule. HOWEVER, if you have discussed rules with an artist you commission from you can sell it including the price of the commission you got from said artist ONLY if they are okay with it, but if they don't give you permission then you can only sell your adoptable at the price you paid for it! You can trade them as well

-My adopts are MONEY only unless stated otherwise. When they aren't MONEY only I will accept other adopts/points and art

-When gifting or re-gifting to someone please let me know who you are going to be gifting to. It helps me keep track of where my adoptables are going

-I only accept Paypal when money payment is involved


-Once you pay for the adoptables/commissions and have them in your possession there are NO refunds! Period.

-Please be 100% sure you want to buy an adopt from me before purchasing

-All of the above goes for my commissions as well


-If you Charge-Back on something bought from me I will REFUTE it with receipts and message evidence that you knew you were purchasing the item from me and that the payment was finalized. If you Charge-back I will be putting you on a special ban list to protect other artists from being screwed over

-If you break my terms of service I will be putting you on a private black list and I will not sell you adoptables or commissions from there on out

-Once payment is sent through Paypal or by points it is OFFICIAL! This means you have purchased the adopt/commission and I will keep proof of the original art/adopt as proof that it was purchased. I also keep all payments sent to me via Paypal as record

-Any resales bought through me are final once bought.

-You may request to see proof of purchase via Paypal receipt.

-I don't do adopt requests

-Don't harass me if you don't win a giveaway, raffle or contest

-You can't enter a raffle, contest or give away for another person

-All characters that I own are mine and are not to be used, copied or retraced

-There will be Draw to Adopts, OTAs and Auctions with adopts as well. Please, read the rules posted in the description when those happen. Also, I will rarely do raffles too. Some free and some set price

-Do not us my work in a sexual manner. I don't feel comfortable with this.

-If you have any questions about an adoptable of mine fell free to PM me, but please read these rules first. Thank you

-Also please do NOT us my art/adopts for public/company work thank you. It is for personal use only. :)

Click Bae by VernFeathers


VernFeathers has started a donation pool!
441 / 10,000
Hello everyone! I am looking to buy some art from my favorite artists, or to save up for when my premium runs out. if you guys could help me out that would be great! HUGS! Thank you! You are all awesome!


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Favorite Artists


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My Birthday

My birthday badge


2 Spooda's coming!  That's right 2 this time around! :D
If anyone was curious yes I am willing to accept :points: for the Cinnadogs I have up for sale.  I would just have to put up a commissions widget is all. :)
I have decided I am willing to sell my custom Cinna for $85.  That is the lowest I will go for him.  If anyone is interested in him PM me!
Raff: Profile(FOR RESALE)($100) by VernFeathers
Just got done watching Strange Magic because apparently I hate myself.  I haven't had to get up and stop watching a movie this much since Legends of Oz.  WTF was this movie?  Creepy is what it was.  Really Lucas?  This is the movie you give girls and your own daughters?  A creepy story about fake love and drugging people to make them love you?  Just the love story is forced as hell.  The music kills every song that it was original derived from and I wish the main female character didn't exist(This movie will make you hate musicals and I personally love musicals.  I grew up with Sound of Music, Marry Poppins, Greese, Cats and many more.)  If you want a strong female character look to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Moana from well . . . Moana.  Just anyone except this main character.  Being a "bad girl" does not make a character "strong" more cliche than anything.  Her relationship with the Bog King is forced and also rather creepy.  Not to mention her sisters relationship with the gnome is even creepier.  Classic "he's a nice guy so he deserves the girl" story.  No, he isn't a nice guy because he was going to use the love potion to DRUG her and make her fall in love with him at one point.  Just . . . F*** this movie man!  UGH!  Lucas never try something like this again.  Ever please. :puke: 
Willing to do Pacapillar Sketches for 30:points:
They will be sketched like this(different species but sketch concept is the same):
Bunch O Taums by VernFeathers
I will be doing a sketch of my own Paca soon for ref!

Pokemon Card Sale!(With Pictures)

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2017, 1:16 PM

tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o1 1280 by VernFeatherstumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o2 1280 by VernFeathers
tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o5 1280 by VernFeathers
tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o6 1280 by VernFeathers
tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o7 1280 by VernFeathers
tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o3 1280 by VernFeathers
tumblr oljen54jIr1rdr292o4 1280 by VernFeathers

What I have:

English EX's, GX's and Breaks(NEW SUN AND MOON ADDED)-

NewTeam Skull Grunt(Full Art)
NewLapras GX(Full Art)
NewMega Charizard Ex(Full Art)(Evolutions)
2 Dragonite EX(Full Art)(Evolutions)
Mewtwo EX(Full Art)(Evolutions)
2 Pidgeot EX(Full Art)(Evolutions)
4 Umbreon Ex(Full Art)
2 Professor Sycamore(Full Art)
Manaphy Ex(Full Art)
New2 Solgaleo GX
NewLunala GX
New3 Lurantis GX
New4 Lapras GX
New2 Espeon GX
New2 Umbreon GX
New3 Decidueye GX
New2 Primarina GX
New1 Tauros GX
New2 Gumshoos GX
Tyranitar EX(Ancient Origins)
Dragonite EX(Evolutions)
Togekiss EX
Altaria EX
2 Mega Venusaur EX(Evolutions)
2 Charizard Ex(Evolutions)
Blastoise Ex(XY Base)
2 Slowbro EX
Mega Pidgeot EX
4 Pidgeot EX
Yveltal Ex(XY Base)
Venusaur Ex(XY Base)
Charizard EX(Evolutions)
Giratina Ex
Mega Houndoom Ex
Emboar Ex
5 Volcanion Ex
Mega Glalie Ex
Mega Alakazam Ex
Mega Audino Ex
Mega Altaria Ex
Audino Ex
4 Kingda Ex
2 Diancie Ex
2 Zygarde Ex
Umbreon Ex
Espeon Ex
2 Ho-Oh Ex
Lucario Ex
Sharpedo EX
Venusaur EX(Promo)
Blaziken EX(Promo)
Groundon EX(Promo)
Aerodactyl EX(Promo)
Mega Aerodactyl EX(Promo)
Ash-Greninja Ex(Promo)
Thunderus Ex(Promo)
Zoroark Break
3 Ninetails Break
3 Machamp Break
4 Starmie Break
3 Yanmega Break
Clawitzer Break
4 Carbink Break
2 Delphox Break
4 Xerneas Break
Raticate Break
Trevenant Break
Pyroar Break
Luxray Break
3 Golduck Break
2 Hydreigon Break

All are Mint or Near Mint condition! Nod

At this moment in time I am mainly looking to sell!
If you wish to purchase cards from me I ship ONLY within the USA!  I ship in bubblemailers.  ALL my cards are shipped in sleeves, top loaders and packaged well to make sure no damage comes to the cards.  I will include inside a paper listing the cards you have bought along with the listed price CURRENTLY of what the cards are going for ONLINE for fair market value because that is what I sell them at.  FYI I will be charging for shipping, so when I estimate price with address worked in I will be giving the price to you with the shipping working in.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING IN BULK: Please PM me and we can work something out.

Journal CSS by xReiichiru
Brushes by Coby17
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Rainpop Bae by VernFeathers

Would you commission me if I opened them? 

6 deviants said No, sorry. :no:
3 deviants said Yes, please open commissions!:nod:

When Interacting with me:

End Bae by VernFeathers
:bulletred:Keep in mind the FOLLOWING:bulletred:

-No Pet names(Unless we are VERY close)
-Please, don't address me by anything other than "Vern" if I haven't told you otherwise.
-No inappropriate behavior(flirting, anything sexual or creepy)
-I prefer her/she pronouns
-Don't assume I am SINGLE(Unless stated otherwise)
-I may not always comment back when you comment, but I read them
-Don't ask for art
-If I block you don't ask me why and NO I'm not going to unblocked you especially if you ASK
-This is a safe space which means there will be no racism, sexism, bigotry, pedophilia or anything of the like here! :no:

Thank you

YCH- Leap into Stars by Acclivius

Things Fellow Artist's Made For Me

Commission - Vern by drachenmagier
Made By: :icondrachenmagier:
Happy Birthday My Vern~  by LaytonJoaquinLuv
Silent But Deadly..  by LaytonJoaquinLuv
Made By: :iconlaytonjoaquinluv:
Flirting in the Teachers' Lounge by Rinkusu001
Vern and Eggy by Rinkusu001
Cybrid Vern by Rinkusu001
An Angel and his Son by Rinkusu001
The Turtleneck pg. 2 by Rinkusu001
The Turtleneck pg. 1 by Rinkusu001
Vern Fox by Rinkusu001
Take It Off by Rinkusu001
Vern Anthro by Rinkusu001
Kiss by Rinkusu001

Mature Content

KCxVern - Expecting by Rinkusu001

Vern by Rinkusu001
Vern and King Candy by Rinkusu001
Made By: :iconrinkusu001:
Family Photo by great--SNAKES
Made By: :icongreat--snakes:
Vern Celestre by TheShyArtist12
Made by: :icontheshyartist12:
Varon by AuldBlue
The Man In The Shadows by AuldBlue
Made by: :iconauldblue:
Weasleby the third by ChArIzArDeD Made by: :iconcharizarded:

Happy Birthday Stuckups by Puga-Caput
Doctor Doctor by Puga-Caput
Made By: :iconpuga-caput:

Sir Grodus by LaSpliten
Step into my Parlor by LaSpliten
Meta Knight vs Yin Yarn by LaSpliten
Deep Snow by LaSpliten
Made By: :iconlaspliten:

Art Trade: Onceler and Shadow by Rinkuchan27
Art Trade I am Castor by Rinkuchan27
Gift Art Toy Story by Rinkuchan27
Made By: :iconrinkuchan27:


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