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Something More

There was this fluffy little dark blue spider, cute as could be.  He was lonely and wished there was more.  Everyday he would spin a new web, wait for his dinner and that god to bed.  This was the same routine for each day until he decided enough was enough.  He wanted to do something more.  To be something more than he was.  He was unhappy with his pathetic existence and decided to head off.  Azure crawled and crawled everywhere.  Fields, forests and even a dessert.

He met many creatures and saw many things, but still he was unhappy.  He was missing something that irked him deep inside.  Something that he did have which made him long for something more.  What was it that he lacked?  Why was it something he couldn't understand, or find?

He came to a huge city, one with many of these creatures which walked on two legs.  He found out they were called humans and they fascinated him.  The things they did were magnificent.  They didn't just live to survive … they created and made things which seemed impossible to the spider.  He watched them for a long time seeing all the strange things they did.  As he crawled around this city taking in all the sights, sounds and smells he came upon a strange building with a sign.  "Library" it spelled.  He went inside intrigued by this building and suddenly found himself surround by these papery things these humans called books.

So, the spider sat and tried to understand the strange shapes in these books and eventually taught himself how to read the languages of the humans.  He read book after book, of all genre's.  Some had unbelievable stories that made the little spider jump and dance around the page and others were serious and taught him morals.  He read science books and learned many things about the world he lived on.  He learned about the mind of humans and of other creatures.  He even learned about himself and didn't know he was called a … spider.  

His little spidery head was full of so many things, but what did it matter?  He knew so much, but was this little spider.  Who would he ever have to share his stories with?  How would he talk?  He put a fuzzy leg under his head where he thought his vocal chord's should be, but no noise came out.  He lowered his head in defeat realizing he couldn't talk and all of is efforts were for naught.  Despite this he tried to communicate with some of the other spiders in the library, but then weren't interested in him.  They were too busy surviving and building their webs.  Some attacked him wanting him to go away and poor Azure realize he was different.

He realized he wasn't meant to be a tiny little spider and he wanted to be more.  Maybe, this was the thing he was missing.  Azure realized he wanted to be human.  He wanted to do all the things a human could do.  He wanted to do more than just survive.  So, every night when the stars shown the little spider made a wish.  He closed his four eyes and wished to be a human.  Every night he did it for a whole year, but soon began to lose hope.  That was until one night something unexpected happened.

While Azure was sleeping a beautiful white spider with golden wings appeared.  He was awoke my the shimmering light the spider was giving off.  It floated before him and actually began to speak.

"Azure, small and meek … I have heard your valiant request."  He told the other spider.  "I wish to grant your request, but I can't make you entirely human … My magic isn't that powerful"

Azure waved a leg at the other spider letting him know that he understood.  He vibrated with excitement and couldn't want to be human.

"You will be a half-ling … part spider and part human."  He explained to Azure.  "I will not grant your wish to be something more."

The white shimmering spider spread it eight legs making himself brighter as he used all his magic.  Slowly Azure changed shape and appearance until he was on his knees on the floor.  He looked at his new hands and fell onto his human butt looking at his feet.  He examined his new body in awe feeling his face finding he still had two sets off eyes.  He still had his fluff as well.  He was so excited and amazed that it to him a minute to realize he was naked.

He looked to the white spider with a pout on his face and the other understood.  He used his magic to clothe the man in a nice looking outfit.  Azure smiled and made a small sound as he looked down at himself admiring the new outfit he adorn.

"Be careful my friend for humans may not accept you, for you are different from them."  He warned.  "Not all things are as they appear."

The white spider disappeared leaving the half-ling to think about what he said.  Then he decided to learn how to use his two new legs.  He pushed himself up and got to his feet wobbling all over like a new born toddler.  These shoes he had made it strange to stand, but finally he stood and looked around about to see more at his new height.  He tried to mimic how the humans walked and fell on his face a number of times.  It took a long time just to learn how to walk, but he managed to hide himself away from the other humans until he was ready to interact with them.

The next challenge was learning to talk, but at least he had help with this because of the books.  He read the books trying to sound out the words and hearing this soft voice coming from himself was strange.  He learned about how to form words and what words applied where.  It was a difficult task that took him nearly two years.  He found books about how to behave in certain places and situations.  He learned etiquette and all the things he would need to assimilate.  Then one day he wandered the top floor of the library finding a mirror.

He looked at the man in this mirror and put a hand to it seeing he wasn't like the other humans.  Now he understood what the white spider meant.  Would the humans accept him this way?  He had read in many books that humans could be cruel bringing harm to one another and even killing those who were different.  He made a decision to hide himself away until the library closed down.  After that he made it his home and lived there managing to find food.

There were some humans who knew someone lived there and they brought him yummy things.  When they would come he would talk to them behind a door and they listened hearing his stories.  A lot of the school children would come after school to hear his story and give him sweets.  He was soft spoken so they had no fear of him.  He was happy living this way for a long time, but then he became lonely one day.  He read a book where two characters fell in love and longed for someone he could love.  Would anyone ever be able to love him?

"Will I find my night in shining armor?"  He questioned the starry night sky.  "Will he love me forever and always be there?"

A story about my character Azure and how he come to be a half-ling.:hug:

His bio:

This character belongs to me if you want to use him please let me know.:nod:
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